CBSE board exam 2019: Major changes in question paper

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CBSE board exam 2019: Major changes in question paper

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CBSE has introduced some major changes for CBSE class 12 English question paper in the 2019 board exams. The changes has been introduced for English (Core) exam pattern that will render the question paper different from those of previous years.

CBSE board exam 2019: Major changes in question paper
The change has been introduced based on feedback received from the various stakeholders and subsequent deliberation in the meetings of Committee of Courses of the Board and subject experts.
Now instead of three passages, there will only be two passages in section A (Reading).
The typology of questions has also been changed.
Of the two passages, there would be 5 MCQs, 9 very short answer type questions, and 3 short answer type questions from passage one.
There will be 2 long answer type questions related to passage two.
The total number of questions has been reduced from 24 to 19 in case of section A.
Total marks attributed to section A is 30 marks.
Total number of questions in the question paper has also been reduced from 40 to 35.

CBSE has also made the revised marking scheme and corresponding sample paper available for English (core) on the official website.

CBSE English question paper to be time friendly

The changes to the exam pattern are in favor of students who often find the English question paper lengthy and are unable to finish the paper in designated time.
CBSE Board exams to begin in February:

Moreover, the board has decided to hold exams for ‘skill education’ (vocational) and related subjects in the second half of February from next year onwards.

The examination for the core academic subjects such as languages, mathematics, and science subjects will continue to be held in March.



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